Clerk fights off bandit at gas station

September 28, 2011 6:12:01 AM PDT
A suspect has been arrested in a violent robbery attempt caught on tape in Yonkers.

Surveillance cameras inside the Gulf station on Tuckahoe Road captured everything just after 5:00 Saturday morning. A young man, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a wig-, walked into the store, asking for cigarettes.

He handed over the money, and then pulled out a gun, telling al-Zubi to hand over everything in the register

"I looked at the gun and I couldn't believe it," Khaled al-Zubi said.

A small scrape on his forehead is the only injury al-Zubi sustained. Not bad, considering he head-butted the robber and yanked a gun out of his hands, sending him running scared.

"He is weak, not strong enough," al-Zubi said.

Turns out the weapon was an air gun, but al-Zubi didn't know that. The 33-year old says he deliberately handed over the money slowly, buying time to think of a plan. The suspect grew impatient:

Suddenly, al-Zubi makes a move, grabbing the barrel of the gun and smashing the suspect with his head.

"I took the gun away. He struggled to take it away and he ran away," al-Zubi said

Al-Zubi had one year of military training in Jordan and worked as a surgical nurse before coming to the US three years ago. His boss at the mini-mart appreciates his loyalty.

"He grabbed the gun like a lollipop, like candy," Ziad Ali said.

Al-Zubi may not be getting a raise, but it looks like he will be getting a day shift at another gas station for his safety.

Investigators said they found the suspect on Monday afternoon in Yonkers.

Michael Conti, 23, was charged with robbery.