Girl, 11, recovering after getting hit by foul ball

September 28, 2011 6:49:47 AM PDT
Eleven-year-old Morgan Kelly is one very lucky Yankees fan after getting nailed by a foul ball over the weekend.

"The first time I saw myself in the mirror I went, 'Oh my God! That's my face?" she said.

As hard as it is to look at her right eye, imagine what it must feel like.

She had been with her dad and some friends at the Red Sox game on Saturday.

Morgan watched as a foul ball came right at her.

"I didn't know how fast it was coming," she said. "I thought it was coming like five miles per hour. I reached up my arms like that and then all of a sudden boom! It hits me."

"You see it's coming and wow this ball's coming closer," her dad said. "We start moving and I look to the right where Morgan was, and you hear it. And I run to her and she was down underneath the chair."

It's enough to make any parent's heart skip a beat, but a head injury is the last thing Morgan needs. She survived a rare brain disorder when she was a baby and went through a series of brain surgeries.

That ball hit her so hard that it knocked her out for five seconds.

"I asked my dad, 'What happened?'" she said. "He said, 'You got hit in the face with a ball.' And I started to cry because I was so scared."

But despite a few broken bones in her face, doctors think she'll be just fine, and she has bounced right back.

"Although I got hit in the face, I still love the Yankees and I still like going to their games," she said.

Morgan says this whole experience has done nothing to prevent her from being a diehard fan of the Bronx Bombers. But just in case, the Yankees organization has been in touch with her dad to set up a special day so Morgan can meet her favorite players on what is still her favorite team.