Young people stay in shape with cardio tennis

September 28, 2011 1:55:11 PM PDT
In a world of easy electronics, sometime it's hard to get kids to try some real-world exercise, but now, a new type of tennis is getting kids up off the couch and onto the court.

Tennis director Heather Silvia shares her love for exercise and tennis with young people.

She teaches "Cardio Tennis for Kids", a combination of drills and tennis moves using a smaller racquet, a shorter court and pressureless balls.

The players track their fitness with the help of a pedometer.

One out of 3 American kids are either overweight or obese. And cardio tennis for kids is just one way to fight the epidemic.

Heather keeps the class interested by making it fun. And the kids seem to be getting the hang of it.

You keep your eye on the ball and just swing when it's close to you.

Sometimes that's easier said than done. But the kids support each other. During one drill they play two on a side.

And at other times four players work together.

"It keeps them moving and that's what kids need to do. It gets them out of the house, away from the video games and moving," said Silva.

At the end of class it's time to check the pedometers to find out how many steps they've taken.

Working hard, yet having fun, a winning combination.