Police search for Rockland Co. arsonist

September 30, 2011 10:43:03 AM PDT
Police are searching for an arsonist in Rockland County.

The man is caught on camera setting fire to a boat in Sloatsburg, and that's not all he torched.

A freeze frame from the chilling video shows the man police are looking for, an arsonist caught on surveillance tape.

It shows the suspect calmly, deliberately setting the tarp covering a boat on fire, he then walks over and tries to ignite the other side.

Eventually the boat does go up in flames.

Tom Massaro is a plumber who owns the boat.

He was hard at work Wednesday while the charred remains of his beloved ranger fishing boat sit outside his office where it was parked.

It was 5:30 Sunday morning when the suspect entered the lot on Sterling Mine Road.

The industrial area also houses a construction company and police are looking for a motive.

The video lasts several minutes.

The shirtless, muscular suspect goes in and out of camera range, during which police say he set fire to five vehicles belonging to Conserv Construction.

At one point, he looks under the boat to check the extent of the damage.

Police say they're also concerned they may be dealing with a firebug.

As for Tom Massaro, his pleasure craft is in ruins, but he says he's thankful the fire didn't spread to his office.