Shooting outside McDonald's caught on camera

September 29, 2011 2:43:08 PM PDT
There's shocking surveillance video of a teenager being gunned down on a busy street in Brooklyn.

It is a terrifying six seconds - an attempted execution at point blank range. It happened Tuesday afternoon on busy nostrand avenue.

An NYPD surveillance camera mounted on a pole captured the dramatic scene.

It starts with three suspects near the doors of a McDonald's. A black bag is passed. Police say it contains the gun used in the shooting.

The suspects go inside the restaurant and lie in wait. You can see the victim approach. He's wearing a white tank top.

Suddenly, the door flies open and the gunman fires a shot right at Tyquan Sewall's head. It only grazes him and Sewall backs up. That's when he's hit by additional shots.

The suspects run inside while Sewall rolls into the street. Miraculously, he isn't hit by a car.

The suspects cut through the McDonald's and ran out a side entrance facing Flatbush Avenue. No comment from the manager, and the victim's friends didn't feel much like talking about the incident either.

Sewall remained in critical condition at the hospital on Thursday.

Police say Sewall has several prior arrests for robbery. They say Tuesday's shooting stemmed from a dispute that started a few blocks away.

The intersection of Flatbush and Nostrand is known as 'The Junction.' Besides the cameras, it is usually crawling with cops, making this crime even more brazen.