Staten Island community shaken by threatening letters

September 30, 2011 5:07:55 AM PDT
The anonymous, threatening letters just keep coming.

"We don't know who it is. He has some connection to very personal information," Nataliya Galyshiva said.

For two years, families living in this Staten Island condo complex have received dozens of letters. Addressed to RESIDENT and postmarked Boston, they accuse neighbors of drug abuse and crimes and then usually end with a threat: "get rid of these scum bags," he writes in one, to the more frightening, "One good scope and a rifle and you all could be gone."

"Its getting aggressive, getting worse and worse every day," Jose Rodriquez said.

HazMat teams had to cordon off homes on Wednesday after letters arrived with white powder, which turned out not to be dangerous. But the constant fear has some buying elaborate security systems: Rodriquez thinks whoever is sending the letters lives in the area.

"Because stuff that happens a week ago he knows about. He watches everything goes in and out," he said, worried that it is getting to a dangerous point.

Nerves frayed, suspicions running wild, neighbors are starting to turn on each other.

Mark Yefymenko said it's turning the neighborhood apart.

"That's what he's trying to accomplish and he's getting it done," Yefymenko said.

Bullet casings, powder, death threats just how far will the letter writer go before he's stopped.

"He will be punished for it because he makes us feel bad," Galysheva said.