Seven Blocks: Woodlawn Station

7 Blocks

September 30, 2011 1:58:58 PM PDT
Time to go exploring the neighborhood surrounding one of the city's subway stops...and today we have one that can boast of having connections to Fiorello LaGuardia and Duke Ellington.

The last stop on the 4 line in the Bronx is the Woodlawn station, which is appropriate since as soon as you step out of the station you find yourself across the street from what is among the most famous last stops in the country.

Woodlawn Cemetery. There you will find the final resting place of some the country's most important figures.

"Everyone from Joseph Pulitzer, to Elizabeth Caty Stanton, JC Penney and off course Duke Ellington, and Miles Davis, people from the Harlem Renaissance," said Susan Olsen, Cemetery Historian.

Duke Ellington rests under a grand tree and Miles Davis left wishes to be buried as close to him as possible.

Nearby you will find the tomb of the queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz and NYC Mayor Fiorollo LaGuardia is buried there.

The list is long and the art and architecture that fill the cemetery are impressive.

About three blocks north of the station is the Mosholu Golf course. It is a 9 hole regulation length course, that is a gem of a find, especially, if you are a youngster looking to learn the game.

"This is the first T program which is the biggest junior T program in the entire world," said Paul Girodano, PGA Head Pro at the course.

About four blocks south of the station is Montefiore Medical Center. It was ranked this year by U.S. News& World Report as one of the best hospitals in the U.S. in three specialties.

Finally, about 7 long blocks south of the station is, The Valentine Varian house. The pre revolutionary war landmark was one of the last farmhouses that lined the mail route to Boston. If you want to learn more, stop by the Bronx County Historical Society, its located in a non-descript building across the street from the house.

History, medical pride, and grand memorials can all be found within 7 blocks of the Woodlawn station stop in the Bronx.