Suspected burglar gets stuck during crime

September 30, 2011 2:43:39 PM PDT
An alleged robber found himself stuck between a rock and a hard place, literally!

Police say 36-year old Michael Wright's burglary attempt came to an abrupt and rather tight end between two buildings.

The Vasquez's received an early morning wake up call. An alarm was tripped at their store on West Broadway. When they got there to meet the police, they did not find anything.

"The cops left, then like five minutes later we started hearing someone screaming, 'Help me! Help me!'" said Johanna Vasquez.

They could hear Wright screaming for help. No one could believe it, especially since Wright isn't exactly skinny, but he was stuck in a space about 18 inches wide.

He was having trouble breathing. He was free after about an hour and a half, but not really free.

Once authorities got him out, police cuffed him to a stretcher.

It occurred to the Vasquez's that Wright always hung around the store. They even used to give him free coffee.

"He was like a friend. We always would help him," said Alex Vasquez. "It's disappointing to find that out, guess you got to be careful who you help."

For his trouble, Wright got a trip to the hospital and then county jail.

The emergency room and holding cell must have felt enormous compared to where Wright spent a good portion of his morning.