Jury deadlocked in trial of ex-cop's wife

October 5, 2011 2:14:12 PM PDT
A jury is deciding the fate of a Queens woman, accused of murdering her husband, but right now they are deadlocked on whether Barbara Sheehan is guilty of killing the ex-cop, or if she was acting in self defense.

After 3 p.m., the judge got a note from the jury saying "We are hopelessly deadlocked. This is after a lot of deliberations."

The fate of Sheehan is in the hands of those 9 women and 3 men serving on the jury at the state Supreme Court in Kew Gardens.

The school secretary shot her husband Raymond Sheehan in their Howard beach home in 2008.

During the nearly month long trial the defense argued Sheehan was a battered wife who had to defend herself after her husband a former police sergeant pointed a gun at her.

But the prosecution contends she is a skilled pathological liar.

So far during deliberations, the jury reviewed 911 calls, Sheehan's testimony about that night and photographs of a vacation in Jamaica during which she claims her husband smashed her head against a cinder block wall.

Sheehan is free on $1 million bail and faces life in prison if convicted.