NYC cabbie says passenger bit him, cops let him go

October 6, 2011 7:43:18 PM PDT
A New York City cab driver says he was punched and bitten by a passenger and then told by a police officer that he would also be arrested if he made a complaint against the other man.

Thursday night, 40-year-old Haroon Rashid showed Eyewitness News his cuts and bruises.

Including the 11 stitches he says he had to get in his ear.

They are a permanent reminder of an attack that he says sent him to the hospital.

"I was calling 911," Rashid said.

An attack he claims police ignored despite his pleas for help.

It happened late Sunday night at the corner of 57th and 10th.

The cabbie says that a passenger tried to stiff him over a $7 fare.

Then the passenger started attacking the cabbie, punching him and even biting his ear.

Rashid says he didn't get help from the officers who responded. He said one of the cops told him that if he filed a complaint, he would be arrested, too. When Rashid then declined, the officer let the man go.

The New York Taxi Workers Alliance says that what happened to Haroon Rashid is part of a pattern city-wide.

Bhairavi Desai of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance alleges cabbies are being threatened and the NYPD is overlooking it.

Cab drivers say they want one of the officers who responded to the incident, reprimanded.

They also want the City Department of Investigations to look in to how the NYPD responds to incidents involving the city's 15,000 cab drivers.