Welcome to the Woodhaven Bvd. exit

7 Blocks

October 7, 2011 2:00:12 PM PDT
We hopped on the subway for a trip to Woodhaven Boulevard, right in the heart of Queens and one of the first points of interest once you step off the train is in the station itself.

Nine support beams in the station's mezzanine are decorated in different materials. It was part of an art project created in 1996 by artist Pablo Tauler called "In Memory of the Lost Battalion."

The piece honors the soldiers who served in the 77th Infantry Division during World War I, but most people who pass it everyday know little of why it's here or whom it honors.

Once you step out onto the street you find yourself in what many consider the best shopping area in the borough, The Queens Center Shopping Mall.

Just about anything and everything can be found in the mall or in the stores that line Queens Boulevard nearby.

About 5 blocks from the station is the former site of the Elmwood Theater, now the site of the Rock Church landmark. It was built in 1928 and it remained one of the largest churches in the city for some time.

This site is also part of boxing Middleweight Champion of the World, Vito Antefermo's, past.

Another famous landmark lies just beyond 7 blocks of the Queens Boulevard, the Elks Lodge Building. It too is a church today, The New Life Church, but the 4 story stone and brick lodge was once the home of the Fraternal Order of Elks ? tagged as one of the most prominent buidings in Elmhurst by the Preservation Commission.

Finally, down the block from the subway stop is a gem of a food kiosk.

Mama's Empanadas is part of a local chain of restaurants that specialized in all things empanda - and it is very popular in the neighborhood.

Good food, historic sites and lots of shopping can all be found within 7 blocks of the Woodhaven Blvd Stop in Elmhurst, Queens.