Cardio, strength training and Pilates rolled into one

October 10, 2011 2:46:14 PM PDT
Want to get more out of your workout? Now there's a fun routine that can help you reach your goals.

S.L.T. is a three-letter workout that can make a girl cry. The letters stand for strengthen lengthen and tone.

The class is only 50 minutes, but it's precisely scheduled to get your body working.

Everything is done on or around the Megaformer, an exercise machine similar to something you'd see in a pilates class.

Amanda Freeman opened SLT after taking similar classes on Megaformers in Los Angeles.

Each set lasts a minute, and you work just about everything

There are thousands of moves made difficult by springs in the Megaformer. They create the tension. The more springs, the harder the move.

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