NYPD Sgt. talks about stopping gun with finger

October 10, 2011 8:10:29 PM PDT
An NYPD Sergeant spoke to Eyewitness News about how he jammed his finger into a suspect's gun to avoid being shot.

"I was scared, full of adrenaline, I was thinking to myself, wow, hopefully he doesn't shoot," said Sgt. Michael Miller, NYPD.

The thoughts were racing through NYPD Sgt. Michael Miller's mind early Saturday morning as he struggled with a suspect pressing a 38 caliber revolver directly against his stomach.

A was a fight ending with a broken finger and an incredible story of how this 14-year veteran of the force accidentally saved his own life.

"I was desperately struggling for the firearm and at some point my finger became wedged between the hammer and the cylinder," Sgt. Miller said.

As the suspect pulled the trigger, Miller says it was just chance that his finger landed in just the right spot, stopping the bullet from firing.

"I didn't plan it, it just happened that way, thank God," Sgt. Miller said.

Miller's partner and the backup officers who arrived at the scene on Quincy Street in Bedford Stuyvesant arrested Eugene Graves.

They charged him with attempted murder of a police officer.

While Miller is now nursing a broken finger, it's a pain he's grateful for.

The bandages prove how close he came to not coming home to his wife and kids.

"You trust your training, you trust your tactics, and you trust your partner and all three of those things came through that night. And a lot of luck. A lot of luck," Sgt. Miller said.