Before money and plastic, there was bartering

October 11, 2011 2:04:20 PM PDT
It's as old as time.

Before money and plastic, there was bartering. And now, it is back in fashion.

Craigslist is saying that there has been a huge spike in bartering on their site citing the "lazy economy" as the catalyst. says it oversaw more than four million barter exchanges since last year.

A similar site,, says that its user-base has grown 150 percent.

The latest numbers from the International Reciprocal Trade Association value the "barter market" at 12 million dollars in North America alone.

And nowadays, people are bartering for almost anything - like the engagement ring recently offered on Craigslist in exchange for "cars, trucks?jet skis." You get the idea.

The trend has even made its way to Vogue Magazine in high fashion in the form of a display during New York Fashion Week.

Travel, professional services, personal stuff, work around the office, bartering has made all those things easier.

For 25 years, Harvey Paulvins says he has been exchanging his custom t-shirts for all sorts of things.

But, for some business owners, the practice is just an old hat.