Helping families in need get milk

October 11, 2011 2:46:58 PM PDT
Fresh milk may be something you take for granted, but it's a luxury for some New York families.

Turns out some are not getting enough milk. Thanks to a 300-thousand dollar donation from real estate developer and philanthropist Leonard Stern and his wife Allison, Milk from the Heart is making a difference.

Jonah Nelson, a project coordinator, said the milk distribution started out as a pilot project because they discovered that food pantries do not make fresh milk available, and if they did, it was whole fat powdered milk. That is only recommended for one year-olds.

Milk from the Heart provides 1 percent milk to take into account obesity, which is increasingly a problem in the inner city. Not only is the fat amount lower, but the cost is also lower.

Fourteen thousand quarts are handed out each month at 13 different locations, but the need outstrips the supply.

Each family gets two quarts each, and it's based on the honor system with only families with kids under 18 qualifying.

For more information on the distribution location and on how to help, please visit