Four injured after car accident in the Bronx

October 11, 2011 8:15:51 PM PDT
Two cars were involved in an accident in the Bronx and numerous injuries were reported.

The residents who live nearby likely won't forget what they saw and heard.

The screaming they heard were the cries for help from a woman who was pinned under a car.

The black vehicle she was in had collided with another vehicle at the intersection of East 175th Street and Marmion Avenue.

"The driver actually got ejected from the vehicle," said Jonathan Carroll, a witness, "We just wanted to comfort her, let her know everyone in the car was ok, especially the little boy."

There were two others in the car including that little boy.

But the most severely injured was the woman who had suffered head injuries and was pinned under the car.

According to witnesses it would take half a dozen firefighters and neighborhood residents to free her.

"The firefighters came and pedestrians and tried to lift the car up," said Emanuel Martinez, a witness.

They got her out and she was transported to the hospital along with three others.

It's more proof residents say that the intersection is dangerous.

"Because it not a speed bump or stop sign," said Rob Rodriguez, a resident.

Both of which residents in the neighborhood believe might have prevented this accident.

The victims were transported to St. Barnabas Hospital.

Three are said to be in serious but stable condition.