Father wants answers in young son's death

October 13, 2011 8:15:44 PM PDT
A 14-month-old little boy is dead and now his father is looking for answers as to what led to his death.

What happened to Seth Azemi?

Thursday night, the NYPD, ACS, and others are trying to figure that out.

An autopsy is planned to once and for all determine the cause of death.

But according to documents obtained by Eyewitness News, the autopsy may be just a formality.

What is clear is that the doctor who treated him believes 14-month-old Seth Azemi's injuries were not an accident, but child abuse.

Jimmy Azemi spoke to Eyewitness News just a few hours after his son was taken off life support.

"Those injuries weren't there from a fall," Azemi said, "I just want answers, I want to know what happened to my son. That's what I want to know."

Doctors at Brooklyn's Maimonides Hospital couldn't save the 14-month-old.

According to family court documents obtained by Eyewitness News, the little boy's "brain was swelled" he had "limited brain activity" and a skull fracture.

According to family court documents, a detective with the NYPD told a Children's Services Worker that a doctor at Maimonides Hospital had determined that Seth's injuries were quote: "definitely as a result of child abuse and were caused by non-accidental means."

"Somebody had to do that and somebody that was allowed near the child had to notice that and ignore that," Azemi said.

Seth's aunt says family members had noticed signs of abuse as early as last summer.

They gave Eyewitness News photographs that they say is proof of abuse.

They say the photographs show bruising around the 14-month-old's eyes.

"It's unfortunate my nephew was robbed of his entire life, due to something that could have been prevented," his aunt said.

Seth lived in the basement of a building on Butler Terrace in Staten Island with his mom and her boyfriend.

Last Friday, something happened in the home that led to the little boy's death.

Now, almost a week later the police investigation continues.

"I want to know how can a 14-month-old end up dead from brain, brain dead, how can that happen, how?" Azemi said.

That is what police are trying to determine.

Meanwhile, Seth Azemi's two siblings are in ACS custody.

Eyewitness News has made repeated attempts to locate Seth Azemi's mother and boyfriend through family, but so far there is no response back.