Crackdown on anonymous sex at park

October 14, 2011 3:12:40 PM PDT
More than a dozen men have already been arrested for lewd behavior and other sex charges at a park in White Plains called Saxon Woods.

Even in the dreary weather, the hikers and dog walkers were out at Saxon Woods Park.

A 700 acre oasis maybe, but there's one particular area of concern for Westchester county police: a parking lot near a picnic area and trails.

Over the last few years it has become an increasingly popular spot for men to meet and have anonymous sex.

But starting this summer, cops began cracking down after a number of complaints.

Word of Saxon Woods as a cruising spot has spread on the internet.

A quick check of craigslist still shows requests for meet ups, another site gives detailed directions to the park and even tips to avoid detection.

Police say enforcement at other locations like highway rest stops has resulted in Saxon Woods being used as alternate.

Whatever the reason for the increased activity, patrons say they hope it stops.