Teen stabbed to death; mother arrested

October 15, 2011 8:33:33 PM PDT
A woman was led away in handcuffs after police found her teenage son stabbed to death in their apartment.

The screams of a mother after her son's murder, were not of agony, but of accusation.

"My husband did that. I didn't do that. (What did your husband do?) He killed my son," the mother said.

But neighbors claim she pulled out a knife and stabbed her teenage son once in the leg, killing him in their home on West 92nd Street Friday night.

Police responded to the scene after they say the woman's husband came home and called 911.

"The woman came to the door with a rag covered in blood and there was a body on the floor," New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Police at the 24th Precinct spent the day questioning the woman and her husband, trying to piece together what sparked the violence that ended the life of 18-year-old Sean Hines.

Commissioner Ray Kelly explained it was not the first violent encounter between mother and son.

Close friends call this the devastating end of years of abuse in this home.

"I didn't think she would actually murder her son," said Odyssey McMillen, a neighbor.

At a small memorial outside of the home, friends remember Sean as a sweet, soft-spoken teen who played video games and stayed out of trouble.

He was a recent high school graduate whose dreams of going to college are now gone.

His mother is now in custody in the death of her only child.

"It's just heartbreaking someone could do that to their son, like where's your heart?" said Khalid Nesbit, the victim's friend.

"It's sad. It hurt me how a kid like that could just leave us like that. The neighborhood never going to be the same," said Jahlon Wilder, the victim's friend.