Picking out the right smartphone

October 17, 2011 2:08:51 PM PDT
What would you like your smartphone to do for you?

Margaliz Bello Estrada of Best Buy says "Know what you want, before you surround yourself with the latest tech temptations."

You need to think of questions like

  • What do I want to do online?
  • Do I just want to check my email or do I want to stream or do I want to listen to music with it, or do I want Facebook?
  • Do I want to navigate and also do I travel?

    It's the added data costs for those things, that can catch smartphone users by surprise.

    Switching phones can also mean switching your monthly plan, to one that allows more, or unlimited, data.

    Streaming or any kind of downloading does take a lot of data and if you're not under an unlimited plan you will get charged an overcharge. Those bills can be really expensive.

    Other costs you might not anticipate:

  • Activation fees for your new phone.
  • Early cancellation fees if you're switching carriers or certain data plans.
  • And cases and other accessories to protect your new gadget.
  • And just because a phone is hot, new and looks cool doesn't mean it'll get the most bang for your buck.
  • Android phones seem to work best for users looking for versatility.
  • The iPhone for entertainment and relative simplicity.
  • And the blackberry, mostly for keeping up with business on the go.