Top state attorney resigns over dominatrix scandal

October 17, 2011 2:55:17 PM PDT
A top attorney for the state making nearly $79,000 a year is accused of moonlighting as a paid dominatrix.

"She's dominant in her private life," said Gloria Allred, Alisha Smith's attorney.

That's as close as Alisha Smith's attorney would say Monday about her client's extracurricular sex-tivities.

"We're not getting into details about what she did in her bedroom," Allred said.

The issue is whether the 36-year-old took money to whip and spank clients outside her day job as an Asst. Attorney General.

She certainly didn't look the part of a dominatrix Monday, all buttoned up, and she denied getting paid to mistreat men at nighttime fetish parties.

She claims the AG's office mistreated her by suspending her in September without pay on the eve of a sensational tabloid report.

"All their actions towards me have been extremely disturbing because I have never accepted any money or payment from any outside source for anything while I have been employed by the NY Attorney General's office," Smith said.

Smith, who resigned Monday, says she was asked all sorts of improper and personal questions about her sexual habits. She didn't provide any of those dominant photos, just her dressed up in a Halloween costume and in a tight latex number on Valentine's Day.

"Employers do not have the right to go on fishing expeditions into an employee private sexual activities and an employee should not have to sacrifice their privacy about their sex life in order to keep a job," Allred said.