East Harlem stabbing caught on camera

October 17, 2011 8:08:33 PM PDT
A stabbing unfolded right in front of NYPD officers in East Harlem who arrived at the scene with their guns drawn on Monday afternoon.

It also happened right in front of children, right on the street.

"He's got a knife, he's got a knife, he's got a knife," you hear on the surveillance video.

It was already chaos when the police arrived, guns drawn.

Two men were on the ground, one was armed with a knife, and one was bleeding from several stab wounds.

The man on top wouldn't get off even before the police arrived.

"All the guys started hitting him to get him off his back so they started hitting him but no way, so he grabbed him and he knocked him over there on the floor and the cops came with their guns drawn," said an eyewitness.

When the police arrived with their guns drawn, people in the crowd screamed at them to do something.

"He's stabbing him, hit him already, he's stabbing him," you hear on the video.

But they were doing something.

Without the suspect realizing it, they surrounded him.

Eyewitness News watched the video with Frank, who shot it on his cell phone but does not wish to be identified.

"What they did was surround him and one of the cops went from behind the guy that was on top of the guy and grabbed him from his belt and pulled him from his belt up and that's when they got him off of him," Frank said.

As the suspect is pulled away, the victim tried to struggle to his feet, but could not make it.

He was rushed to St. Luke's Hospital in serious condition.