Macarons, a dessert with an unexpected taste

October 18, 2011 2:54:29 PM PDT
Simon Tung may not be able to say what they are, but he's happy to sell the treats that his fiancée bakes. A sandwich cookie popular in France called a macaron.

They sell their macarons out of a booth at food festivals and offer up American friendly flavors that would shock the French, red velvet, peanut butter cup and candy bacon.

You won't find that flavor at Laduree, the Parisian macaron maker that now has a Madison Avenue outpost, but most macaron makers in New York are willing to push the envelope.

Macaron Café was one of the first on the NY scene, there are now locations with ever changing flavors.

To be clear macaroons are made of coconut. A macaron is different. The shells are made of almond flour, meringue and coloring. The filling is where the crazy flavors usually come in. Tanya Ngangan learned to make her macaron in Paris.

It's a type of pastry and dessert that's really unexpected to how it tastes.

Her shop is called Bisous Ciao on the Lower East Side, where the macaron look like gems in a jewel case.

In Chelsea, La Maison Du Macaron has held court for 4 years. You'll find an assortment of liquor based flavors. The Little Oven in Long Island City makes a matcha green tea macaron.

No matter what you call them, you'll want to eat them.