Suspects charged in splash-and-dash burglaries

October 19, 2011 4:35:43 AM PDT
Suspects who admitted they got their grand scheme from a movie were charged in the "Splash & Dash" burglaries.

It wasn't the couple hundred bucks in the cash register at Friends Pizza in South Slope that the burglars were looking for, they had a bigger prize in mind.

The ATM had more than $6,000 in it, and the burglars made a bee line for it, using heavy tools to pry it open.

It wasn't a bank that suffered the loss, it was the owner.

Most of the 62 burglaries the men arraigned Tuesday are suspects in had ATMs, they left behind trashed cash registers, broken and bypassed security systems, doors ripped off the hinges, and one other thing.

Just like in the Ben Affleck film "The Town", the burglars poured bleach over the crime scene to get rid of DNA evidence.

In fact, after they were arrested, they told police they got the idea from the movie.

The lucky seven store was robbed almost a year ago and bleach was poured all over the ATM.

Mr. Flores is happy the men are in custody, but it doesn't really help him much because he lost a lot of money.

Not all the men were involved in all the burglaries.

One man confessed to only three, others admitted to nearly 30 and admitted they couldn't remember all of them.

The suspects are 26-year-old Amaurys Hernandez who confessed to his role in 11 of the burglaries, 31-year-old and Andy Lopez who admitted his involvement in three burglaries, 24-year-old Roy Gonzalez who admitted to 28 burglaries, and 29-year-old Miguel Colon who admitted to two.

A fifth suspect has been identified and is currently incarcerated on Riker's Island on an unrelated case involving criminal possession of a weapon.