Meeting held over teacher's Facebook comments

October 18, 2011 7:54:27 PM PDT
Angry parents attended a school board meeting in Union Township, New Jersey, calling for a teacher to be fired for posting on her Facebook page that homosexuality is "perverted."

There was heavy police presence at the school board meeting.

For several hours it was a rowdy scene as both sides tried to drown out the other.

At the heart of this dispute: is this freedom of speech or is this hate speech?

On one side of the high school lawn were those who want the teacher fired.

On the other, those fighting for Viki Knox's right to voice her opinion.

And on this lightning rod issue there is no cozy middle ground.

Viki Knox is a high school teacher in Union Township, New Jersey.

Right now she is on paid administrative leave after posting some anti-homosexual thoughts on her Facebook page.

Comments like: "Why parade your unnatural immoral behaviors before the rest of us?"

Because of the fury over her statements, Knox was removed from the classroom and at the school board meeting Tuesday night, there were cries for her head.

Those who spoke for Knox warned the board of a possibly costly lawsuit if they fire her for her religious beliefs.

No decision was made Tuesday night and the case is under investigation.