Grandmother to run the New York City Half-Marathon

March 16, 2012 6:48:21 AM PDT
Thousands of runners are getting their final workouts in this week, before Sunday's New York City Half-Marathon.

One of them has enough experience under her belt to run laps around the competition. Ginette Bedard is just shy of 80.

"It's never easy, you know why, I want to be the best. (So you're not just running to run, you're running to win) Yes, to win," Bedard said.

She's a master marathoner, a fiery 78 year old who consistently runs under a 10-minute pace. So you'd think she's trained all of her life. Think again. She didn't start running until she was 69. Her first marathon was an impressive 4 hours, 10 minutes.

"But then I did much better when I was 72. I did 3 hours, 46 minutes," Bedard said.

Sunday she'll run the New York City Half Marathon, something she's done before, always wearing makeup.

"I want to look my best. I don't want to look old and ugly, makeup makes you look younger," Bedard said.

She's young at heart, retired at the age of 60. Ginette runs everyday, 16 to 18 miles in Howard Beach. Maybe that's why this grandmother of two has never had a serious injury or surgery.

"It's mental and physical, like euphoria," Bedard said, "You can't beat it, it's beautiful. I wish more people would get to do it. We'd have a lot better world."

She says she used to be 5'4" but now stands an even 5 feet tall, weighs 100 pounds, doesn't diet, and lives a balanced life.

"Chocolate, I drink my glass of wine, my piece of cheese, my french fries, everything in moderation," Bedard said.

The New York City Half-Marathon goes 13.1 miles, and this year a record number of more than 15,000 runners will participate. The New York City Half-Marathon will begin at 7:00 a.m. March 18, and will be broadcast live on WABC-TV, 7online and the New York Road Runners website.

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