Mother of 13 killed, 2 others shot in Brooklyn

October 21, 2011 8:06:57 PM PDT
One person was killed, and two others injured after parents and children walking home from nearby P.S. 298 in Brooklyn were caught in gunfire.

The victims were hit outside the store at the intersection of Pitkin Avenue and Watkins Street just after 2:30 p.m. Friday afternoon as they were walking home from P.S. 298.

Friday night at Brookdale Hospital, Harriet McKnight has a lot to be thankful for.

"God blessed her to stay alive because she could have been dead," said Harriet McKnight, Cheanne's mother.

Her 11-year-old daughter Cheanne was among the victims of a senseless shooting that claimed the life of 34-year-old Zurana Horton.

Horton was a mother to 13 children, and friends say she was pregnant.

"I can't even think straight," said Horton's family member.

Her relatives are grieving and they are reluctant to reveal their identities.

Horton's 28-year-old friend was there when the gunman fired the fatal shots.

"We just stood by the store. We couldn't move because we didn't know where the bullets were coming from," Horton's friend said, "(Did you take cover?) We all took cover. Kids were running, there were a bunch of kids."

Police believe Zurana Horton tried to shield the kids from the bullets.

Police believe that the gunfire was coming from a rooftop across the street.

A gunman was spraying bullets on the crowd of people below.

11-year-old Cheanne was walking from PS 298 and was grazed in the face.

Another woman was hit in the arm and chest.

When the sound of gunfire stopped, she looked up realizing then that her friend had been shot.

"I didn't know she was hit," her friend said.

She had been hit and she died in the street...

The victim of a senseless shooting, that police, the families of the victims, and a community is struggling to explain.

"100 Blacks putting up a reward. You know there's got to be a problem out here," said Harold Crawford, of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement.

"She doesn't even want to go around on the block. She's scared somebody is going shoot at her," Horton said.

Three suspects, possibly young men, fled on foot east on Pitkin Avenue.

No arrests were immediately made.