More calls for justice following Brownsville shooting

October 24, 2011 1:44:32 PM PDT
Community members gathered on Monday to remember Zurana Horton while calling for ways to protect children from gunfire.

The community is calling for anyone who saw something or knows anything to come forward.

Monday's vigil follows another one on Sunday night for the pregnant mother of 13 who was gunned down on Friday while parents and children walked home from school.

More than 100 Brownsville, Brooklyn residents linked arms and made an emotional and unbreakable chain.

Residents say they are tired of what they say is a community dominated by guns.

Horton was killed as she shielded one of her children from a hail of bullets.

"We're trying to unite. She did it for our kids. She defended our kids. She protected them," Helen Lopez said.

Family, friends and neighbors didn't just cover the corner of Pitkins avenue and Watkins street with candles, teddy bears and signs.

They marched building to building demanding change.

And while one family grieves this incredible loss another is faced with what could have been.

The bloody bandage covering Cheyanne Mcnight's face shows just how close the 11-year-old came to losing her life.

Endless violence neighbors say they are prepared to face. Michael Bailand says "This is a war zone. They need to stop the violence."

There's a $15,000 reward offered for information leading to an arrest in this case.