Mandatory sex-education classes coming to NYC schools

October 24, 2011 3:27:57 PM PDT
In January schools across New York City will start mandatory Sex Education classes.

They'll include how to use a condom, and what's the appropriate age to start having sex.

"I know that as my grandchildren I want them to be able to know that abstinence is an option, it's something they have a right to choose," said Sylvia Laughlin.

Monday, a group of parents and politicians objected saying abstinence should be taught more.

The schools Chancellor says abstinence will be taught.

He even put out a statement today saying abstinence is 100 percent safe, but he says a significant percentage of our teenagers have had multiple partners so we can't stick our heads in the sand about this.

"Chancellor Walcott is going to tell you it's in there, but it's minimal. It's a really a wink and nod curriculum. They're acknowledging young people are going to have sex," said Michael Benjamin.

One thing these parents object to is Sex Ed material that includes a field trip to buy condoms and then homework on what they bought, even whether the condoms were lubricated or not.

The mayor points out if parents object, they can take their children out of the class.

"But we have a responsibility when we have an out-of-wedlock birthrate and a sexually-transmitted disease rate that we have in this city to try to do something about it. Shame on us if we don't," says Bloomberg.

But some think the whole idea of sex ed our schools is wrong.

"You know schools are responsible for many different subjects but this is not one of them. This is totally parents' responsibility," says Sheikh Moussa Drammeh.