MTA program trashes garbage cans on platforms

October 25, 2011 2:37:48 PM PDT
The MTA is talking trash, and many are calling the agency's new plan garbage.

The MTA is considering trashing garbage cans to cut down on trash in the subway platforms.


It's yet to been what will happen with all the trash straphangers take down into the subways, but the experimental program will test the behavior and habits of riders.

Garbage cans have already been removed from two stations in an effort to deal with rat-attracting trash bags. The hope is to reduce the amount of garbage on the platforms because workers simply cannot keep up with the heaping volume of refuse.

The first two stations in the experimental program are 8th Street on the N and R lines and the Main Street station on the No. 7 line in Queens.

Officials say many of the trash bags that should be collected overnight are left sitting on the platform first thing in the morning, leading to an increase in rodents.

About 44 percent of the trash is reported to be newspapers.

The head of the Straphangers Campaign is calling the plan a ridiculous idea. The MTA says it will re-evaluated the plan in two months to determine whether or not it will move forward.