Halloween reminders

October 25, 2011 2:04:11 PM PDT
Kids of all ages love Halloween and buying a new costume can be part of the fun.

But parents and kids should be reminded that while Halloween is a fun night and kids love to get dressed up, there are some things that are really important for safety.

When choosing an outfit for trick-or-treating, keep safety in mind from top to bottom.

Think about head to toe for your kids. Make sure that their vision isn't obstructed. Clothes have something reflective on it. Their shoes are tied. And that they're not wearing anything baggy. Baggy things could make them trip and fall.

Don't let kids handle props with sharp edges like swords. Instead of masks that sometimes don't fit properly and can make it tough to see, experts recommend face paint, but test it out first.

Just in case the face paint causes a reaction, mothers and fathers should test it first on their kids' skin if they're going to be doing a whole face with it.

Kids should wait until they get home to dig into their trick-or-treat baskets, so parents can check labels carefully.

Parents, be on alert and really inspect the candy. Some things might trigger an allergic reaction.

And for you jack-o-lantern enthusiasts, avoid using open flames to light your work of art. Alternatives such as a flameless candle or creative lighting can spark creativity while keeping safety in check.