Celebrate your kids birthday with cookies

October 26, 2011 2:50:08 PM PDT
It is the solution to the age old dilemma every parent stresses out about at some point.

What to do for their child's birthday party.

Well, Dana Negri has the answer.

She is now watching her concept come alive inside Toys R Us in Times Square.

It's an idea she first dreamed up in the kitchen of her Roseland, New Jersey home.

And in 2007 "Cookie Party" was born, her family run business in East Hanover where they provide everything from the cookie dough, cutters, rolling pins and decorations.

During birthday parties, kids get to bake their goodies and take them home.

It was such a hit, Dana opened a kiosk in the garden state plaza mall and now has a permanent spot in this mega toy store.

For more, go to LINK: www.cookieparty.us .