15-year-old beaten by gang of teens

October 26, 2011 8:09:59 PM PDT
A high school student was beat up by a gang of teens outside a bodega in Newark.

The unprovoked attack was all caught on camera.

You can see the teenagers kicking and punching the teen senselessly, leaving him bloodied on the sidewalk.

The 15-year-old was outnumbered and absorbing punches and kicks from all directions.

The Barrington High School student was down on the ground and down for the count, but that didn't stop the group of teens from unleashing a brutal beating that sent the 15-year-old to the hospital.

"The first blow was to his head," the victim's family member said.

One of his relatives is speaking out, but is reluctant to identify himself, concerned that the teenager could be targeted again.

The teenagers responsible for this brutal beating are now the subject of a police investigation.

Newark cops are working to round them up and put them behind bars.

Mayor Corey Booker released a statement: "We are appalled that this brutal act of violence was committed by a group of Newark high school students. The City of Newark and its residents will not tolerate school bullying."

The 15-year-old was treated and released from the hospital.

Eyewitness News obtained a photograph of some of the injuries he sustained to his face.

"He's obviously a little shaken by the situation," the victim's family member said.

Relatives say that physically he's recovering, but emotionally after an attack like this there will be a long road back to normal.

"He doesn't know why they attacked him or who attacked him," the victim's family member said.