A blind photographer

October 27, 2011 2:46:10 PM PDT
Every time Flo Fox heads out of her Chelsea apartment, she takes her camera, two cameras to be exact, because she doesn't want to miss that shot.

"Nothing is as rewarding as grabbing that fast shot when you want it," she said.

But in fact, Flo doesn't actually pick up the camera or look through the lens.

Since the mid 80s, Flo's been wheelchair bound, the result of multiple sclerosis (MS). So to take photos, she guides her attendant. And together they get that shot.

Flo first started shooting in 1972. Her work is owned by museums, and a retrospective is now on display at Gallery 307 in Chelsea.

The gallery is funded by the carter burden center and only shows the work of older professional artists. Flo's images of New York, the streets and its people, are especially compelling when you consider that Flo is blind in one eye, and can barely see out of the other.

With very little vision she sees more that we see with all of our eyes combined.

Flo is especially tuned into what those in wheelchairs face, the cracks in the pavement, the mounds of snow. It's advocacy through art.

A 66-year-old visionary who rolls right over the obstacles life presents.

For more information please visit: http://BURDENCENTER.ORG/GALLERY-307