Superintendent salary battle in New Jersey

October 27, 2011 2:24:27 PM PDT
In New Jersey there is a salary controversy in one school system.

The schools superintendent in the Parsippany-Troy Hills District makes $220,565.

The state says he should be making $177,500, which means the district has to cut his salary by $43,000 or risk losing millions in state aid.

There were no statements Thursday from the Parsippany-Troy Hills School District, but Superintendent Dr. Leroy Seitz is challenging the state order that will sharply cut his salary.

Public school parent, Lynn Jameson has heard his opinion, and disagrees.

"Based on what he said at the meeting, his comments about his salary were absolutely disgraceful, saying that he can't afford to live on it," Jameson said.

Dr. Seitz signed a new contract last spring, which has now been ordered to be scaled back by the executive superintendent of Morris County, who wrote to the Parsippany-Troy Hills School Board: "I have been authorized by the commissioner Of education to take action as is necessary to bring the board into compliance."

Non-compliance could mean a potential loss in state funding of $3.6 million

The always blunt Governor Chris Christie singled out Dr. Seitz last fall.

"Seitz is a poster child for greed," Christie said.

Most parents seem to feel a salary cut is in order.

"This is an excellent school district, but it seems to me that kind of salary for a superintendent is excessive," said Steven Baldassari, a parent.

This, as he county tries to hold on to state funding for the district, and Dr. Seitz makes sure his salary does not go down without a fight.