Woman critically injured by shopping cart in Harlem

October 31, 2011 2:34:38 PM PDT
Two 12-year-old boys are accused of pushing a shopping cart off a parking garage and onto a 47-year-old woman, critically injuring her, at the East River Plaza shopping complex.

"All I saw was all my supervisors run out and got on their radios and called for all manager to run out," Mia Nieves, Costco employee, said.

Those Costco employees were rushing to help Marion Hedges.

She had just been critically injured after police say a pair of 12 year old boys picked up and threw a shopping cart off an upper walkway at East River Plaza.

The heavy mix of metal and plastic hit hedges, who was here Sunday night buying candy for a party.

"She has more responsibilities than anyone I know and she handles it all gracefully and this leaves a big hole right now in her life and family's life," a friend said.

Security at the busy plaza, where Hedges was hurt, was tighter than usual today.

Friends say her 13 year old son was by her side at the exact same time the young boys recklessly threw the shopping cart.

Friends and family are now with Hedges at Harlem Hospital.

"I knew it was going to happen, knew something was going to happen," Feleix Robles said.

That's because Feleix Robles says the walls of the walkways here are too low.

"One time I had to call the security from the first floor to go upstairs because a kid was trying to climb over the gate. Now hopefully they'll raise those gates finally. That's what they need to do. Not put security there because those security guards, after the cameras leave, they're going to walk away and start talking to women. Do nothing." He said.

Security cameras here in place did catch everything on tape. Police are not releasing that video but do say it was a key element that helped them catch the 12 year old suspects

Many angry shoppers tell me there is not punishment to fit this crime, one that could have happened to anyone.