Marketing of sugary drinks to kids

October 31, 2011 1:52:03 PM PDT
The authors of a new report call it the most extensive analysis of the marketing of sugary drinks to kids. They say the problem is getting worse instead of better. Many popular drinks contain more sugar than a child should consume in an entire day. That's according to a new report called "sugary drink facts" It looks at the sugar content of almost 600 products including sodas, energy drinks, fruit drinks and flavored water. "There's rock solid science showing that these drinks are linked to risks for diabetes and obesity," said Dr. Kelly Brownell, Co-founder and director, Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity. Researchers from the Rudd Center also say that young people are exposed to more advertising of sugary drinks today compared to 2008 as companies find new ways to reach young people. "They market to children at school, through concerts and sporting events. They also reach them through Facebook, YouTube, and product placement in video games," said Marlene Schwartz, Deputy Director at Yale Rudd Center. The American Beverage Association responded to the new report on its website calling it an ongoing attempt to single out one product as the cause of obesity. "They say the people at our member companies many of whom are parents themselves are delivering on their commitment to advertise only water, juice and milk on programming for children under 12". LINK: