Baconery puts a new twist on bacon

October 31, 2011 2:51:15 PM PDT
There are many people who believe everything tastes better with bacon.

There's one local bakery that's taking that thought to a whole new level.

"I love bacon, I eat it every day," said Wesley Klein, of Baconery.

Wesley Klein's obsession started with breakfast, but 7 months ago, bacon got the best of him.

"The first thing I tried to do is banana bread," Klein said.

Every week the electronics store manager baked a different item with bacon, and soon his business was born.

Eight items are baked in Manhattan by his head baker Carisa Torres whose bacon intake used to be limited to certain occasions.

Now however, she bakes with it all the time.

"We want something no one has ever heard of before because no one has heard of a bacon bakery," Torres said.

It's called the Baconery.

They'll ship their products throughout the country, including their baked goods krispie bacon bars, bacon muffins, gingerbread bacon piglets, and chocolate peanut bacon cookies.

Bacon isn't just for breakfast anymore.

Wesley hopes to open an actually Baconery shop next summer. He's thinks it's an idea he can take to the bank.

"Life is just better with bacon," Klein said.

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