Sensory exhibit at New Museum

November 2, 2011 2:44:01 PM PDT
A unique sensory experience is open in New York City.

It's a New Museum Exhibit that is very hands-on and taps into your senses.

"There's a little 'Alice in Wonderland' sort of quality," said Gary Carrion-Murayari, Associate Curator, New Museum.

With larger than life mushrooms, live canaries, flashing lights.

It's a good description for the way the new museum on the Lower East Side feels these days, the entire museum turned over to the Stockholm based artist Carsten Holler.

So sign away before you get on the very slow moving carousel of swings.

The mirrors add to the experience.

Even more soothing is the giant psycho tank with water so laden with salt you'll float.

At the other extreme there is a hole in the floor it's the top of massive, tubular slide for people.

It actually cuts through the museum's architecture and as you travel from the 4th floor to the second floor and others can gaze on and watch you get spit out.

It's nerve racking art.

You go down 102 feet in a matter of seconds.

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