Immigration problem puts man's life in danger

November 2, 2011 8:12:40 PM PDT
It's a heartbreaking story of a young Pakistani man who emigrated here when he was 4-years-old.

Balal Parveezhe is now in a hospital, sick, and awaiting deportation.

A paperwork mistake made when his family escaped persecution now haunts him.

Nosheen Deans 22-year-old brother is sick and getting sicker while in federal custody for a crime he allegedly committed when he was four.

"I went to visit him Sunday, and I can't even describe," Dean said.

Balal Parveez is one of 10 Pakistani siblings who came to the U.S. to escape persecution back home because of their father's pro-American politics.

Nine of them got citizenship, but the lawyer who handled the case apparently didn't properly file Balal's.

"It was horrific how one mistake by the attorneys cost us this whole year worth of problems," Dean said.

Balal went back to Pakistan in 2010 for a brief stay, he was there for just one day.

There are newspaper reports and a police report that show that during that brief stay he was followed by people he suspected to be Taliban and was shot at both inside and outside his home.

He barely escaped alive.

He came back to the United States where he was promptly arrested.

"I don't think they're handling this case properly, because knowing that his siblings are here, his wife is here, they still haven't made a decision on his case," said Monique Lodhi, Balal's wife.

Monique is an American citizen and Balal's wife.

She says during his year in custody, Balal has developed growths on his chest that had to be surgically removed last week while he was in custody.

"They actually told him... He had the surgery," Lodhi said.

His family is waging a legal and Internet war to have Balal released, but in the meantime his health is deteriorating.