Step into New Dorp, a community lined with restaurants and shopping

7 Blocks

November 4, 2011 2:12:11 PM PDT
At almost the halfway point on the Staten Island Railway is New Dorp. You step into a community lined with restaurants and lots of shopping.

Just south of the stop, along New Dorp Lane and Hylan Boulevard there is plenty to choose from.

"I've been for over 40 years and it's convenient to shopping for food, clothing, library. You have everything you want," said Angela Boffardi, resident.

About six blocks north of the stop, you will find the home of Engine Company 165, nicknamed the toxic avenger, and Ladder Company 85, nicknamed the monster truck. This is the only engine company in Staten Island that has the special equipment to deal with hazardous materials and mitigation.

And if you want a good dose of fresh air and nature, you only have to go a few blocks south past the seven block perimeter. This little oasis is called the Cedar Grove Beach. Many of the residents would like to keep it a secret, but they can't help boast about it.

"It's picturesque. It's nice. It's like a little piece of California in New Dorp Beach," laughed Suzanne Boffardi, resident.

Next to the beach is Miller Field, a former United States air force facility. When built in the 1920's it was the only coastal defense air station in the eastern US. It is now on the national register of historic places a popular park with the neighborhood.

On the weekend you will see kids playing soccer, and all kinds of sports.

Wide open parks, shopping and restaurants and a serene beach can all be found in New Dorp, Staten Island.