Man claims he lost winning Powerball ticket

November 4, 2011 7:56:02 PM PDT
There's a rather strange new twist in the case of a winning Powerball Lottery ticket in Connecticut.

It is a $254 million winning ticket.

The owner of a convenience store says a man came in claiming to have bought the winning numbers.

There's just one problem and it's a big problem.

He says lost the ticket.

The man says he bought the ticket at Belltown Superette in Stamford.

"He said it's his number, but he can't find the ticket lost ticket, so I don't know what to say. (How upset was he?) A little upset," said Suni Patel, the owner of the store.

You think he would be upset!

She says that he says he works for the Stamford Sanitation Department.

He claims he bought the ticket and has the winning numbers, but he just doesn't have the ticket.

Whether it's true or not the lottery business is suddenly booming for Ms. Patel and her husband's store.

The store has something of a reputation for selling tickets that pay off.

A couple of $50,000 tickets and then there's Alexis Nanos' 86-year-old grandfather.

"(What did he win?) A million dollars," Nanos said.

As for the mystery millionaire 254 times over, Suni is optimistic.

She has to be. She would get a commission.

"I hope he can find it, believe me," Patel said.

If the guy who says he lost the winning ticket actually bought the winning ticket, he has six months to file a claim, but he's got to prove he bought it.