New rules in effect to prevent crime in Zuccotti Park

November 6, 2011 7:35:48 AM PST
Occupy Wall Street protestors clashed with police in Foley Square yesterday.

Police say 20 people were arrested this week in a push to get their message about big banks out to the public.

Occupy Wall Street's message is being overshadowed by sporadic incidents of crime in Zuccotti Park.

On Friday, police charged one of the protestors in connection with two separate sex assaults in Zuccotti Park.

In response, women's only tents are being set up in the park.

They can house up to 20 people and have cots inside along with a raised plywood floor.

"It's a safe place for a woman to stay while they are here if they don't feel comfortable," Boone said. But some Occupy Wall Street supporters believe crime in the park has been overblown.

Potentially casting a shadow over what they see as positive change.

"Women are attacked. The big difference here is this community responded immediately. It's a safe space for women," protestor Zoe Leonard said.

Organizers say safe tents for men are planned too.