Online push to get customers to switch banks

November 7, 2011 1:59:57 PM PST
Fed up with bank fees, a lot of consumers have thought about moving their money recently as online campaigns seem to be leading that charge.

By the time some big banks re-considered their plans for debit card fees, Jewelle Dalrymple had decide to move her account to a credit union.

"It didn't really make a difference to me because i was already feeling the bruises you just never know what else they have up their sleeve," she said.

Social media is helping to encourage thousands of people to move their money to small community banks or credit unions.

But some smaller banks and credit unions may have fewer branches or ATM's, which could lead to out-of-network ATM fees.

For those used to banking with their smartphone, mobile and online options may not be as great.

And those small banks and credit unions still could have fees of their own.

If you do switch, give yourself some time before you close the old account.

And don't overlook direct deposits, and debits so automatic bill payments aren't drawing on an empty account.