Mike Spano elected Yonkers mayor

November 9, 2011 4:03:56 AM PST
Yonkers has a new mayor who inherits a troubled budget and troubled school system.

Mike Spano campaigned on cutting the costs of running a city. Now, he gets to try to make good on that promise.

The polls closed at 9 p.m., and an hour later, the 46-year-old Spano gave his victory speech as the newly elected mayor.

He began his career as a rep serving in the assembly. Four years ago, he became a Democrat. Clearly, the switch did not hurt him.

Running on the Republican ticket, City Councilman John Murtaugh gave his concession speech shortly after Spano declared victory.

It was actually a three-way race, with Carlo Calvi running as the independent candidate.

The mayor's annual salary is $156,000.