Go exploring seven blocks from High Street, Brooklyn

7 Blocks

November 11, 2011 2:00:53 PM PST
Time to go exploring what there is to discover within the seven blocks of a subway stop.

High Street Brooklyn is the first stop on the A and C line into Brooklyn coming out of Manhattan. When you first walk out into the downtown Brooklyn neighborhood, you've got a lot of choices.

To begin with, across the street is Cadman Plaza Park where you will find a giant granite and limestone memorial to the men and women who served in World War II. It is also an inviting space for kids.

"To me it's a beautiful place. I am a nanny here in Brooklyn heights. I enjoy bringing the girls here. They enjoy playing in the park, beautiful scenery and greenery," said Anina Dowling, nanny.

Not as kid friendly is the main Federal District Courthouse for the Eastern District of New York, located across from the park. But while infamous cases come and go here, the real draw to the area is along the East River. Four blocks west of the station is Brooklyn Bridge Park. It stretches underneath both sides of the Brooklyn Bridge, complete with a carousel, bike paths and even a small beach.

"I think it is really quite nice. It has a really great view and nice to have a green area," said Elin Lindburg, resident.

While the views here are a feast for the eye, there is also a feast for the soul here. Four to six blocks from the station is the section called DUMBO, an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Here you will find a wide variety of art venues including the St. Ann's Warehouse, dedicated to the performing arts.

About seven blocks from the station is the River Café, one of the city's most celebrated restaurants. However, if this Michelin star establishment is to fancy for you then get on line and fill your stomach with a pizza that some will argue is among the best in New York, Grimaldi's.

Great food, art and amazing views all can be found with seven blocks of the High Street station in Brooklyn.