Warning about ATM skimmers

November 16, 2011 8:10:25 PM PST
There's a warning for anyone who uses an ATM.

A skimming scam that stole hundreds of thousands of dollars has been busted, but it's not your typical rip off.

These guys use tiny cameras to snatch your pin code and you never know it.

"I think everyone should be alerted that this is being done and to take precautions because this is very scary,"

It's an alarming thought for some, learning the precautions they take to protect their financial information, might not be enough to avoid falling victim to identity thieves.

"You could have no idea that was there, I mean, you just wouldn't know," said Conor Firth, a Chase customer.

Just released images of part of the latest ATM skimming case in New York City are pretty stunning to Chase customers.

11 banks in the Union Square area have been hit by thieves in a one-week period back in January.

The criminals steal ATM card numbers by hiding the tiny green piece of plastic where you swipe your card.

Then, using a hidden video camera that is barely bigger than a pin hole, they get clear images of customers punching in their pin numbers.

"I didn't know I had to worry about such things as that," said J.J. Ilyas, a Chase customer.

The Manhattan district attorney says two of the criminals involved with the ring that ripped off 1,500 customers were arrested, but the crack down on similar crimes continues.

"I think what this points to is how all of us need to be vigilant as individuals and as businesses, as banks in protecting ourselves," Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance, Jr. said.

But a vice president with ADT Security Services admits there isn't much you can do to protect yourself.

"As you enter your pin you cover the pin pad with your hand so it will be more difficult for someone to grab your pin number," said Rob Raymond, ADT Security Services.

Beyond that he says to keep an eye out for anything suspicious on the card reader and keep a close watch on your account.