Search for woman's killer in cold case

November 18, 2011 2:21:36 PM PST
It's been one year since a woman from Union County, New Jersey was murdered.

Despite DNA testing and interviews her killer remains on the loose.

"Whoever it is still walking around. She's gone. How could he do that to her?" said Mary Zaleski, the victim's mother.

There's a hole in Mary Zaleski's heart, her daughter Diane was murdered one year ago.

Now, her family has to suffer through this holiday season not knowing who did it and without the 54-year-old's bubbly and magnetic personality.

"I don't wish this on anyone. I can't go to church. I'm not mad at God. I just can't accept it," Zaleski said.

Prosecutors and police have cleared more than 100 men some through DNA and forensic testing.

Diane Zaleski was found viciously stabbed to death in her Union Township home.

The killer even spent hours in the house after the murder cleaning up and trying unsuccessfully to use her credit card to buy an iPad and MacBook computer.

"I saw blood on the floor and thought maybe she fell. And my husband said, 'Mary call the police your daughter is hurt'. I thought she was alive I didn't know she was dead," Zaleski said.

Family members say Diane Zaleski was extremely cautious.

She didn't open her door to strangers.

Once it was nighttime she didn't open it for anyone.

So everybody believes she knew her murderer and that man was in this house before.

Prosecutor Theodore Romankow is asking people to think back.

He says the suspect's personality may have drastically changed.

He may be obsessed with following this case.

Because Zaleski fought back, he probably had a cut and scratches on his hand or arm and needed a band-aid.

"We're trying to jog somebody's memory," Romankow said, "This is not one of those things that you set it aside and then go back, every single day we are reaching out trying to find someone who knew her."

As some give thanks next week, the Zaleski's can't find peace until they have justice for Diane.

"I hope they catch this person because if he did that to her imagine what he could do to someone else," said Ronald Zaleski, the victim's brother.

"I don't want him dead. I want him in jail forever. I want him to be somebody's sweetheart. I want them to beat him up like he beat her up. Why, why, did he do that?" Mary Zaleski said.