Kids and technology

November 18, 2011 1:25:20 PM PST
It's no surprise that kids are using more technology, but not everyone agrees they should also be using it in school.

Preschoolers know what the iPad is, but at the Twin Parks Montessori School in Manhattan, you won't find any iPads or computers.

"We don't' use technology because they get it everywhere else when they're out and about they get it at home," said Sarah Petri.

The long term effects of technology overload at a young age are not known yet, but one concern is brain development.

Too much technology could mean too much visual stimulation, and not enough stimulation of the other senses

"We work on auditory, tactile everything you see in the classroom is very hands on so the kids get to feel and touch everything," said Dr. Kathy Roemer, Executive Director of Twin Parks Montessori Schools.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no screen time before the age of 2 and instead encourages more unstructured and unplugged playtime for toddlers, to improve creativity and problem solving skills.

But a recent survey says the advice is being ignored.

47 percent of the toddlers watch on average 2 hours of tv or dvd's a day.

And 52 percent of all children have access to a smartphone, a video iPod, or an iPad or other tablet device.

But some parents and educators believe that for certain children the use of technology may in fact improve learning, especially for those learning disabilities.

And many schools across the country are buying iPads and computers for all their young students, saying they give students more immediate feedback and individual attention.

Most parents agree, it's all about trying to find a balance.