Cockfighting ring busted in NJ

November 20, 2011 3:27:17 PM PST
The SPCA got a tip two months ago that JC Pallet in Paterson, New Jersey wasn't selling just pallets.

Saturday night, officials busted what they call an intense and lucrative cockfighting ring.

Now, investigators are looking for the owner of the business.

When officials broke into the building Saturday night, we're told there was a full blown cockfight going on with an arena, music, drugs, alcohol and plenty of cash changing hands.

It was standing room only.

The SPCA nabbed 60 people trying to flee, but so far have charged only 12 with cruelty to animals.

We're told there were at least 60 roosters in the back, all ready to fight, to claw and peck each other to death.

Officials explain that extremely sharp talons are put on the roosters so that when they strike they can slice the other bird.

Officials believe the birds were being housed at JC Pallets at 354 Marshall Street in Paterson, New Jersey and trained for only one thing - to survive another fight.

The dozen arrested are due in court on Monday.

As for the birds, they were brought t a private facility in Sussex County.

Authorities report finding a stash of steroids intended for the birds.

But given how aggressive they are, it is highly unlikely they can be saved.